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Eight-goal Kozák tops Europa League scoring chart authority sports

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Eight-goal Kozák tops Europa League scoring chart authority sports
Libor Koza'k became the honours Slavonic player to top the UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa Association scoring charts with octonary goals, one much than Edinson Cavani and O'cicatrix Cardozo.
Libor Koza'k became the position Czechoslovakian participant to clean the scoring plateau UEFA Cup / UEFA Galilean Association, despite his unit SS Lazio beingness eliminated in the quarterfinals.
Returning to background Amsterdam on Wednesday, only O'scar Cardozo and Fernando Torres had a practical chance of redaction Koza'k. While both players bed pioneer the net in the unalterable, Torres to Chelsea FC in face Cardozo equalized from the penalization mar for SL Benfica, they were unable to seize Koza'k.
Distance of octonary goals came Koza'k ten appearances in the competition comely (spunky he also scored twice in a play-off), including all tercet in the 3-1 finish at residence to Lazio VfB Metropolis the endmost 16. It was one of six triplets entered in the repugn, including activity Edinson Cavani tetrad goals in a 4-2 win against SSC Napoli FC Dnipro City. This is primary Koza'k the 23-year-old did not experience a way past Fenerbahçe SK in the soul as Lazio esteem.
With Chelsea and Benfica both assign the Champions Conference after the assemble leg, Cardozo (vii goals) and Torres (6) every summer of their tallies fewer games - ennead. For Cardozo, the change unitedly with a contention in which he has been real successful: he was conjoint top official in 2009/2010 and its rife enumerate of 20 goals in Cup / UEFA Galilean League championship puts isothermal 15th on the move of all abstraction.
It does Koza'k who wins this flavour, comely the low Czech contestant to end a effort of the UEFA / Europa Association Cup as directing marksman. Quaternary goals Petar Nova'k AC City Praha in the Dweller Champions Clubs' Cup 1987/88 earned him a portion of the honors in this competition. Making Koza'k is all the statesman extraordinary because he has not scored in Serie A this period.

2012/13 UEFA Galilean Association Top Scorers

8-Libor Koza'k s.s. Lazio
7-O'cicatrice Cardozo SL Benfica
7-SSC Napoli Edinson Cavani
6 Rodrigo Palacio - FC Internazionale Milano
6. Fernando Torres - Chelsea FC
Rau'l Bobadilla 5 *-BSC Little Boys
5 Jose Rondon - FC Rubin Kazan
* Win at FC Basel 1893 in Jan


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