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Why everyone runs authority sports

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Why everyone runs authority sports
Jogging, running, marathons to benefit a good cause ... While the time praised the slow off-road running is revitalized. Small strides to better meditate?
"They are crazy! "That was two years ago. We were going up a quiet path of the Mont-Blanc with friends when runners wearing just a small water bottle passed us at high speed. "How can they enjoy the scenery? "Have we exclaimed, eager to see" our "territory trodden by disrespectful bipeds Code of Conduct: walk quietly. We will do there. These hikers pressed practice trail (pronounced "Trele") or "race track." A kind sport that democratizes with such success that there last summer of "stations trail" designed like skiing: with green stripes, blue, red and black depending on the difficulty.
In the countryside or in the city, running comeback. Popular gatherings such as marathons - referred to charitable or non - multiply and attract more and more participants. In France, we would be almost two and a half million of us run more or less regularly ("Reasons for running" research institute Synovate Asics, 2009). Except that the egocentric jogging 1980s gave way to running, worn by more collective values.

Hedonism that makes sense

"We send SMS to motivate, we encourage during training," says Sandra, 40, who began to run with the PASSPORT Green Weleda. Two years later, the novice, who considered the practice "boring, tiring and reserved kind courageous elite", is proud to already have a record of races as La Parisienne and Odysséa. "The participants want to prove that they are capable of being, confirms Olivier Bessy, sports sociologist and recreation. In our time, where the quest for identity is strong, practice this activity is a way to promote social and personal level. "Belonging to the running community helps to overcome his feeling of helplessness, finding their positions and strengthen their self-esteem.
Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to get a running culture diet counseling, addresses to get the latest technical footwear, developed with experts in posturology to reflect the support areas of the foot and avoid injuries. The runners choose to do as part of the clan Asics, Nike, Saucony, Salomon, Raidlight - equipment manufacturers - and never feel alone! "With apps for smartphones showing heartbeat, calories or speed, they feel run with a coach," says Raymonde Cornou that, in 1979, established the first store dedicated to runners.
"When I run the benefit of associations, I better lap times. I con center on the cause that I defend better and I feel the energy of the group, "says Karen, 44. Suffering from breast cancer, she participated in the Paris last year, "the way I no longer hide the disease which I have long been ashamed," she says.
"The message of the riders said that all is not as crisis and despair," says the anthropologist Martine Segalen itself seasoned practitioner. Popular courses allow "heavy, slow, more-so-young people who they are, to" recover "their body, but also the city, they conquer a time on cars. They are, in this sense, human and subversive. "Do not want to run the new idiot is very strong suction behind the tourist jogging (or SightRunning), proposing to make the tour a city trotting. On footpaths, the idea is to enjoy the panorama. Hedonism, but also feel respect for nature - under penalty of disqualification during tests trail - and solidarity are much more challenging than just performance values.

As an altered state of consciousness

Compare his body distances can reclaim the notions of space and time. Even if the challenge. Car racing is a game, a source of enjoyment, which grows to bid. "The first time two years ago, I ran four minutes! says Christine, who began at age 46. This was followed by a big fatigue. Then informing me on the Internet, I realized that it was not going fast but long. And, little by little, I came to forty minutes. "" By managing his training, the rider has the feel of a power back that escapes him, especially in his relationship with money or time, says Pascale Sterdyniak, sports psychologist and psychotherapist. He controls his desire, and this framework gives confidence. Save energy to stay in the race: the metaphor speaks. "The performance is part of a logic of harmony and self-control, in the idea, oriental, hold time," continues Olivier Bessy. While we sometimes practice to refine our shape, stay in shape, relieve stress. Yet the sense of freedom offered by this sport, free from time constraints, often underlies our motivation. But only. Now, yoga and running merge to become the "yogging" stretching and relaxation sessions to prepare the body and mind.
Pascale Sterdyniak this equates physical activity self-hypnosis. Beyond the role of euphoric endorphins, it plunges some in a state of grace that Damien Lafont, sports and science, called "the zone." This flow state is characterized by a production similar to those observed in relaxation in altered states of consciousness alpha waves. And we can all achieve, provided that they remain in tune with our feelings and our attention to the rhythm of our breathing and our feet. In other words, deliberately addressing the running as a meditation. A spiritual journey that makes you feel go elsewhere while staying there, entrenched itself.


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