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I am (finally) set to sport authority sports

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I am (finally) set to sport authority sports
Teenager, our reporter refused any sport. Young adult, she started with soft oriental gymnastics. This is the fifty she discovered the importance of exercise. Story of a long walk to the well-being.
Long, I was afraid to throw me overboard. Literally as well as figuratively. I swam hard, I was excused from gym due to scoliosis, and tennis balls more often took the direction of my nose than my racquet. Teenager, the sport was not my thing. It has become unacceptable when I'm done eject nag on which was perched me. That day, I made mine the Churchillian motto: "No sport! "And then time passes. I became a journalist. Try different activities in workshops and courses, is one of the privileges of this job. But I still écartais any proposed parachuting or trek in Nepal carefully. I preferred to try the Balinese massage, yoga nidra or hypnosis sessions. At age 30, I accordais me an hour and a half of gym a week and yet it was the anti-gym. The term had seduced me and these stretches while body awareness were me. But if some sport, it was very healthy?
One winter evening, in favor of a report on the gesture, standing in a large dojo, I found slow and beautiful sequences. I had the feeling to unfold like a butterfly. "And now, we'll sit down," the teacher told us of qi gong. I turned around looking for a seat. But no, the idea was good to sit without a chair, back perfectly straight! Very quickly, my legs began to burn terribly and I started to shake. "This is normal, the teacher assured us, but it can become quite comfortable. In China, the teacher took the opportunity to go for tea and then returned to take its course! Keep the position. "
Strangely, I immediately said yes to the gym millennium between stretching and meditation, which releases the plexus and joints and makes me thighs of steel. At night, I slept like a baby.

Exercise as a therapeutic

Awareness is at 45, during a meeting with my new gynecologist who has a holistic approach to health. I'm half of my life, at a time when new questions about my own physical and psychological resistance are beginning to emerge. For her, exercise is an essential therapeutic, as well as nutrition for its direct action on the immune system. "It is proved, she insists, was fewer infections and cancers was higher morale and longevity is increased. "
Strength training that works so aesthetic body parts is a good exercise. But it is endurance activities to be preferred: running, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, cardio, etc.. They allow the entire body to function better. The effort is moderate as not to tire the heart, but extended to allow time for the body to regulate sugar and eliminate toxins. I leave with a prescription: at least three times an hour of physical activity per week. Daily four to five sets of ten breaths ventral more indispensable to rebuild me a good midsection without getting back pain exercise. Standing, sitting or lying down, blown by digging the belly as much as possible and air is allowed to return passively.

Water fun

I also met Annie Leclerc, author of In Praise of swimming (Actes Sud, 2002). Annie began to crawl after a breast cancer. This woman, poet and writer, tells me how she dropped her in the water tension, the fear of others, fear of losing the charm and even of death. I'm upset and I know, listening, I'm going back to the pool. For me who am so afraid to put his head under water, special swimming lessons are needed. Enough for three, with a controlled breathing and movements more efficient, I can anticipate before each session pleasure melt into the liquid element.
A real pleasure that this discovery power. "Water is not only a neuromuscular harmonizing us mass and calms us, confirms Alain Jamet, lifeguard and naturopath. This is a tune that gives our emotions. Learning to stall his breath on precise movements, we pacifies emotionally and joy arrives. The water expands our ability to adapt to new situations of stress. "I'm lengths once a week for thirty minutes and winter, I opt for water aerobics.

Exercise makes euphoric

I love nature, I love to walk. The easiest way is to complete my work in a brisk walk in the park two or three times a week, early in the morning. I start with stretching, hanging from tree branches. Professor Martine Duclos, chief of sports medicine and functional explorations CHU Clermont-Ferrand, told me the hormonal chemistry of the brain during the activity: a certain level of exercise, hormones it secretes psychologically stimulating, endorphins, serotonin, dopamine - the hormone action and fun - and norepinephrine, which gives energy and joy to carry out its projects. By measuring the response to exercise all of these hormones is known that dopamine and norepinephrine accelerate their secretions during short and intense exercises.
I could jump rope, but the most enjoyable is poking sprints for a few minutes during the walk, and escape as a child by the pleasure of jumping and running. It is in these moments that I feel up this euphoria stimulating. Suggests that physical activity has an effect on the brain, I act on my memory and I make some new neurons is no stranger to my happiness.
My friend Michele, who I often walk, tell me how it manages its lack of desire to get up early to go sport: "When I train regularly, my body craves this time of activity. But when I continue dinners too rich or too watered, I easily lose my reflexes effort and I even harder to get back to it. "Sometimes, I also feel the need to digress. When I slept badly, my body may need to disengage and I understand. It gives me himself that the signal is again ready to move. I learned to listen. To make the difference between respect and fatigue decreased psycho-emotional transcend form.

Exceed its non-desires

How to overcome its non-cravings start? For me, the easiest way to restart is to find my friend. She thinks that "anticipating the fun that comes after fifteen minutes of effort is a very effective tool." We can therefore focus on the euphoria of the post-dance or the slight joy that comes when you leave the pool.
Choose a physical activity fun is also a key to reconnect with ourselves. Who am I? The body itself gives an initial response when he mobilizes his muscles and removes the ruminations of the brain focusing on his actions. As Thierry Bouillet, oncologist and co-chair of the Cancer Association, martial arts and information (Cami) said: "Physical activity is a quest for happiness. "

Good exercise stress

We know that exercise is a good stress which raises blood sugar in the blood and uses it as fuel for our muscles. After about forty-five minutes of activity when the available sugar was burned, he seeks our fat reserves. But we know less than any stress, physical or psychological, is also flowing blood sugar. A reflex within the body since prehistoric times when the stress of the first men was foremost physics fight with predators, fleeing danger. "Now be submitted to repeated stress of life makes us produce excess blood sugar stresses the oncologist Thierry Bouillet. Lack of physical exercise, which boosted sugar insulin, cancer risk factor and increases fat produces a hormone, leptin, also a risk factor for cancer. "Exercise helps fight against overweight, cancer, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes ... and stress. Besides its beneficial effects on osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.


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