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Aqua Cardio Sculpt: water aerobics "Haute Couture" authority sports

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Aqua Cardio Sculpt: water aerobics "Haute Couture" authority sports
Sporting activities in water are booming in recent years. Recommended by doctors and physiotherapists for their benefits - including the back and joints - they flourish in our pools. A newcomer plunged into the deep end of the water sports: the AquaCardioScult. We tested it for you.
10:30 at the edge of the great basin of the pool of Montreuil. I put the mini-flippers that tends Barbara Helia, designer of this new activity and our instructor for the day. A discreet its perfectly flat belly and his muscular legs to motivate me, and I let myself slip into the water of the Great Basin look. I grab the dumbbells foam, they also need to practice this new sport, and pray quietly for the course starting soon, because I already cold.

Protected joints

On the edge of the pool, Barbara branch his microphone and launches its soundtrack. Hearing Shakira explode from the speakers, I already feel my spirit warms in the absence of my body. I must say that I love the intense activities, such as fitness and cardio, but my recurring back problems prevent me from practicing in the gym. Jump, run, move: every movement affects my spine and my joints that make me suffer. Here I am in the water, and my back is concerned, nothing a priori. In any case the promise of the introduction of this new activity booklet, what I'm going to check it out for myself.

Cardio and weight training

The instructor starts the starting of the course. First exercise: swim on the stomach, making little kicking, and performing reels with dumbbells. These are a real drag on the water, and from the first length, I feel my muscles warm. Barbara encourages us to the edge, while correcting us remotely. For half an hour, We chain movements of the stomach, back, sideways or even "sitting" position in the water, which seems to me at all cold ...

Weightless and moving

The AquaCardioScult or ACS is different from water aerobics as it is practiced in weightlessness (feet never touch the bottom of the pool) and on the move. Thus, the postural muscles are at work throughout the duration of the session, and the spine is extended and does not receive any shock. The designer, former champion riding and acrobatic rock, talks about his work as the "Haute Couture water aerobics." The formula can smile, but is relevant. Between cardio and weight training, the ACS allows full muscle building and "redraw the silhouette like a designer."
After half an hour in the water, I feel that the method does not lie. I feel I have spent an hour on machines gym, sweating less. Barbara Helia assure an hour ACS can burn 900 calories or more than 200 hours of jogging, and more than 500 hours of swimming. A reason for half an hour twice a week, the system could quickly become a distant memory!

At the pool and the sea

Recommended by a team of doctors and physiotherapists, the technique is already taught in some pools in France, including Lyon, Poitier, Reims and the Paris region (see map), but should quickly grow to invest the pool down home, just as aquabiking before her. In the meantime, you can practice alone (e), to the pool, but also to the sea or a lake, following the movements described in the book method Barbara Helia. In your dumbbells!


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