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The 5 Rhythms: an introspective dance authority sports

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The 5 Rhythms: an introspective dance authority sports
Express emotions, find a new relationship with our surroundings or simply get to know us ... With the 5 rhythms, dance teaches us more than the grace and coordination: it introduces us to well-being. Back in words and images on an art out of the ordinary.
Paris 19th. In the dance hall the atmosphere very subdued, a thirty anonymous arrives in dribs and drabs. Despite patterns, lines and different backgrounds - participants between 25 and 70 years - all newcomers have a common feature: on Sunday morning, everyone wears her most beautiful smile. Genuine joy at the idea of ​​sharing a special moment, enthusiasm born of the 5 Rhythms dance ...
The session begins and the show puzzles. Here, no choreography imposed: everyone lets off steam as he wants in his corner or going to contact others by overt or more timid gestures. The key is to express themselves, to translate emotions into action. Even though confidential practice draws its philosophy in a universal ambition: to be in tune with oneself, to accept as is. An ode to the development, in fact.

The choreography felt like

However, the 5 Rhythms dance was born in the 60s ... following a failure! Dancer Gabrielle Roth sees his career in jeopardy following a knee injury. His personal tragedy, but also his experience as Gestalt therapist, then comes a new dance discipline which refuses any categorization or value judgment: "At that time, dancing and art looking more to evolve based on felt rather than according to a predetermined choreography framework says Amélie Schweiger, professor of dance rhythms 5. There is no right or wrong movement, just the experience of self. "
The new art of Gabrielle Roth is rapidly taking shape: part of a unique dance she performs the rhythms of a drum, she creates workshops around the movement. "By watching these dancers it has developed a look of greater acceptance of the uniqueness of each. Since then, she has always tried to open space, but also the dance of life, for everyone to find a new dimension, a vitality itself, "she continues.

Vital Wave

The expressive individuality of each, Gabrielle Roth manages to extract a common framework for the dance world, or rather five five modes to be in motion that will give rise to well appointed five rhythms. Their purpose: to allow dancers to express five basic emotions that go over the different rhythms reconstruct a vague metaphor for life.
- It all starts on air flow: the rate of this measure rather sensual, the dancer is invited to rediscover their relationship with the land, its roots. If each chose his choreography, the movement is, at this moment, rather continuous, circular light, "as if it was moving in a watery universe," says the teacher. The goal: "feel a kind of energy that spiral up the feet and invades the body. It is the rhythm of receptivity, openness to its environment and to each other. "
- Then came the staccato rhythm burning puts us struggle with our inner fire. "The staccato is a more masculine energy, says Amélie Schweiger. After receiving it moves into position to give. This is the energy of clarity, determination and action, "she continues. Hand movements of an individual is going to dance choreography "tribe in" someone offers gesture and the others follow. With this new rhythm, it draws its strength in its self-confidence and the other.
- Work that is extended until achieving the chaos with this third tribal rhythm, energy rises along the spine, the body vibrates until it reaches a total letting go. The purpose of these few minutes of trance "cleanse us from our conditioning, our beliefs, everything, every day, prevents us to move, to breathe, to live as we would wish."
- After this great moment of healing energy comes from the lyrics: this is trying to unify the body, mind, heart with a light dance, aerial. It is possible the time ": it draws on the memory of his emotions to stir the mix. The dancers try to be present - compared to others - while being detached, moving for themselves. "After cleaning up the chaos is allowed to dance, flourish," says the teacher with ill-concealed excitement.
- Final Round of the session: the stillness or "stillness in motion." On a quiet pace, seeking to capture a new slowness, to confuse the dance and feel. It goes in line with the beating of his heart, breathing movements, and even organic life to complete this wave of emotions. A more difficult exercise it seems: "some people are unable to put commas in dance as in life, says Amélie Schweiger. Once the ellipsis found, the session ends in a few minutes of relaxation. The wave has come his way.

Reconnect with yourself, learn from others

Away from all the conventions of dance rhythms and 5 represent a new form of meditation that eventually may allow us to be in tune with our emotions and especially help us to dare express. A job that can take time even if we feel some effects from the first session, starting with letting go, returning to itself, the discovery of this "energy cycle that connects us to our source vitality."
First witnesses of these benefits, the dancers readily admit that the discipline of Gabrielle Roth has an overwhelming impact on the relationship we have with ourselves: "5 Rhythms dance is a spiritual practice of living ... Gradually we enter this wave and is transformer catalyst. Passages sometimes difficult, sometimes wonderful we live, but it is a practice that always induces profound changes in the person begins to take an interest, "said Claudine, passionate for 2 years.
But the dance rhythms of 5 does not constitute a work and home. Through interaction it generates, it is also a whole new other that gives us relationship: "We first learned to see others, to be tolerant," says Amélie Schweiger. A detail far from trivial when you know that today our daily lives often requires us to cross us and not to meet.
In addition, sometimes inviting us to choose a random partner to open up to a stranger, dance is a true work of acceptance of the other and common harmony, "the track is a great metaphor for the relationship It puts us in a position to meet us and learn to manage it. What can I do when I find boring interaction? How to act when one takes too much space? These are questions that we are asked to find answers instinctively ... "she continues. Thus Cyrill, who practice the 5 Rhythms dance for a little over a year, has seen its relationship to other change: "These interconnections between the dancers, the spaces have invited me to let me touch by emotions of others and to discover other things about me "... A try without hesitation so for all those curious to get to know.


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