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How green move authority sports

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How green move authority sports
A racket flax fiber, a fair held fitness ... Playing sports in green materials, this is a real plus. Combining organic and high-tech, these new products to support our movements have gained in comfort and efficiency.
"Insert a sports outfit awakens in us an emotional state is" pleasure, drunkenness, desire soon satisfied. " In 1909 already, the Olympic Review devoted a chapter to the "psychology of sports costume"! This simple gesture, stimulating the mind, so would the body in good conditions before muscular exercise. Our sportswear is like a second skin, and accessories (skating, snowshoeing, cycling ...) to an extension of the body.
This setting condition, we seek now opting for items close to our beliefs, ecological and ethical. Move into more organic materials is one way to keep in touch with you. Without a filter. "Any physical activity prompts to reconnect with his bodily sensations and environmental confirms Marine Kerguéno, Gestalt therapist and vice president of the French Society of gestalt . But for this, our equipment must follow our movements. It must be comfortable, durable and allows your skin to breathe. "In a word: technology. A combination of "bio-tech" finally beginning to be satisfactory. Although these products are more virtuous in the image of our sport gesture: always looking for progress.

Building on the natural

Gold "bio-technical" medal, textile plant-based oxygenate the body and the mind. Send us some energy plants. Bamboo, which prevents the rapid growth of deforestation, brings a feeling of freshness and sweetness. This zen fiber is four times more absorbent than cotton. Mixed with polyester, it provides "breathable" fabrics (with moisture). It turns static contact with the skin silky and dimensionally stable. As for the bamboo, light and durable, it has inspired bike manufacturers to design frameworks. Elitist but vibration (Calfee Design, Fritsch Associés).
Other fiber champion: flax. The latter calls in the middle of the oval graphite rackets Artengo or joins the wood core in Rossignol skis. The long fiber of this delicate plant has the ability to absorb shocks and protect the tendons. A great way to reduce the risk of tendonitis! Its cultivation is mainly in France (Europe's leading producer), and processing is environmentally friendly. Two good additional points regarding the reduction of CO2 consumption.
More confidential, coir door is "first skin" Millet, equipment manufacturer of high mountain. As for the shell, it contains an active carbon-based antibacterial which, combined with polyester, allows the garment to remove heat and dry quickly capturing perspiration odors.

Wear recycled

In Fusalp, we do not grow, we recycle! The brand gets the coffee for Starbucks brand in Taiwan and integrates a textile fiber. A flexible coffee shirt, breathable and protects against UV A and B: that's what energize its muscles.
Physical activity regenerates the body. Why not follow in the footsteps of recycling? "Next summer, we will design backpacks low impact natural materials already recycled - from plastic bottles or scrap polyurethane - or" dormant "- drawn from our stocks," says Patrice Folliet, Director communication Millet. Loops bags come from old climbing ropes returned by climbers!
At Patagonia, its used to store clothes is reported. This winter, 85% of the textile collection is recyclable or made of "écofibres," the communication service. "Using recycled polyester to reduce 77% of CO2 emissions in the manufacture of our sleeping bags," said Will we at The North Face. And this matter would also have textile qualities. Roxy, Quiksilver brand, boasting quick drying, good resistance to snags and washes, and its ability to allow fancy printed, unlike some natural fibers.

Select brand managers

"People are not fools, note Yohan Gicquel sociologist consumption author of We the consumers, and theories about the behavior of the consumer (Engineering glaciers, 2008). They check the veracity of ethical while seeking technicality which allows them to slip into the skin of the sport. They read labels and buy knowingly. "And brands play the game So Lafuma stamp items Pure Leaf's range from one to three leaves in four categories: raw materials, manufacturing, transportation and recycling. Other question our écocitoyenne sensitivity as Missègle installed in the Tarn or Vetubio, equitable brand working with cooperatives in Paraguay. The R'ADYS brand, member of an international association against the poor working conditions in the factories (Fair Wear Foundation), calls to our fellowship. "I like the idea of ​​helping to improve the lives of a family of Indian farmers," says Marine Kerguéno, follower of "eco-designed products." This solidarity is a way to respect the rules of humanist Thurs And be part of a single team in the world.

Equipping ethical

Hiking: T-shirts Carline Millet, coir, from € 29.90.
R'ADYS, bamboo and polyester, € 39.95.
Female Light Lafuma, organic cotton and "eco-designed" € 40.
Polar R3 Hi-Loft Hoody Patagonia, recycled and recyclable polyester (price ecoresponsibility trade fair ISPO), 190 €.
Hiker Socks Missègle with 55% of kid mohair, from € 29.90.
Sleeping bags Sleepin'bed Quechua S15, garnished with cotton after 90% of recycling from € 39.90.
Green Kazoo The North Face Down consists of 100% recycled polyester, € 289.
Practice gentle exercises: yoga mat Casall biodegradable natural rubber (€ 19.90).
Gym Ball (weighted exercise ball) Casall, made ​​without phthalates for Pilates, from € 24.90.
Running: T-shirts Fusalp in fibers from waste coffee beans, from € 32.90.
Jogging Suit Vetubio organic and fair trade cotton, 130 €.
Build muscle: rower Water Rover running water, electricity and wood from replanted forests in the United States, to rent, € 9.99 per week, or to buy, 999 €.
Pedaling: Bamboo bike B2O Fritsch Associés, fifty copies limited series, 5000 €.
Tennis: racket Artengo 820 Flax Fiber, based fi bre linen, 79 € at Decathlon.
Skating: skates K2 Maia and Etu, recycled materials and bamboo, € 169.95.
Skiing: Ski female Attraxion Echo Rossignol, fi bre linen on wood core, € 599.95.
Q Boots Burton Snowboard for freeriding, with recycled rubber sole and shoe upper in aerated and recycled material from € 300.


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