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I tested the Swedish gym authority sports

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What if you could have fun to stay faithful to physical activity? Following this credo, the Swedish Center plays on the positive energy of the group and knows a craze. Testimony and advice from a fan, and video of a meeting.

From the pool to the gym

Find "their" sport sometimes looks like the desperate search for a soul mate ... A series of unsuccessful experiments with sincere commitment, fatigue, isolation and boost confidence. Full "sport wandering" I was looking for happiness to move. Without my knowledge, my mindset was exactly the result of the recent survey conducted by the equipment Reebok, which reveals that women are more diligent to the gym if they are having fun. An afternoon at the pool, I overheard a conversation between two young busty girls, obviously packed, about the Swedish gym: "It gives fishing. We move on songs without taking themselves seriously and works all. "
In France, for twenty years, word-of-mouth ensures success, which will crescendo this method. His philosophy is based on that of the Swede Per Henrik Ling, originally of physiotherapy and, in 1811, the "healthy sport for all". Its popularity dates back to 1978, when, in Stockholm, the sports association Friskis & Svettis sets up choreography combining simple movements and lively music. The enthusiasm of my swimmers proved contagious. For two years, I love it.

There's a joy!

Two to three times a week, I go with joy at the end of a court building in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. The instructor runs smiling at the center of the room, equipped with speakers and disco spots and thirty regulars - including one or two men - just the circle. This provision sets the tone: warm. "Welcome to the Swedish gym. My name is Stephanie. We will do a standard course. Y there any among you who come for the first time? "The formula is ritual. To those who raise their hands, the instructions seem simple: "If you fail to coordinate arms and legs, the arms drop. Do not interrupt, but trottinez. "
And go for an hour! James Brown Sex Machine begins, and we swings aside clapping. First good-humored. Each monitor prepares its play-list: variety 1970s, Irish ballads, Afro-Cuban rhythms, pop, rap, rock ... Anything goes! Stimulated by tubes that revive good memories, we harder in our lap or sunrises our bums and tums. Looks fun intersect, lips mimic words. Enrolled in this round of graceful, dull or clumsy body, I get carried away by a flood of songs that dissipates stress.

Substantive work

At the rate of four or five years by piece, impossible to get bored. "Rusting" of joints, fl ection, jumps, trot, pumps, scissors lying, flip on one foot for balance ... Nothing complicated, but alternating accelerations and decelerations in heart rate when the body sees all colors: ten minutes of cardio warm-up, strength training with active recovery, recovery more sustained work "cardio", return to calm, stretching, and two minutes of relaxation. I finished an hour after the ruddy cheeks, washed but revitalized.
Faced with disorderly posturing beginners, I see myself novice. With practice (it is amazing how quickly you progress), the body goes into autopilot for coordination. Then I can focus on my investment pelvis or shoulder and give scale to my movements. In the absence of mirrors to observe the mind wanders or plugs into the sensations. Within two years, I not only lost a clothing size, but also gained muscle tone, breath, hours of sleep, spirited, healthy addiction to physical activity and a real stress relief in case of intense stress.

Very studied movements

No "coach metronome" is the chant "one, and two and three ...". The monitor reports the following a "hey" exercise or clapping. And everyone imitates without having to remember the choreography. Only problem: it does not correct the position. "Focusing on a move to prevent millimeter to enjoy the joy it brings. Our chains are designed according to a precise specification, afi n not get hurt, even if they are executed poorly, "said Daniel Coury, monitor and son of Claude and Lena Coury, pioneers of the Swedish Center in France. Animators, supervised by the training team (doctors, osteopaths ...), pull from a bank of seven hundred updated by physios movements. And since they are volunteers and ex-participants, they look like us. Would it not also the feeling of belonging to this joyous non-virtual network that makes us all hooked?

My advice

• Wear running shoes (running) with a good cushioning and a supportive sports bra.
• Start with the moderate level. Softer (no jumps), it allows you to test form. Then vary the intensity at each session to progress without exhausting the body.
• If movement does not suit you, do not worry! Or customize it.
• Monitors detail one or two exercises in early trading. Linger until the following to glean more tips!


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