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To each his own online sports authority sports

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To each his own online sports authority sports
Subscribe to a sports club abandoned after three months schedule tennis courts incompatible with work, holy horror of the pool ... Finding the right sport is not always an easy task. But there are sites and smartphone applications to simplify your life: finding the right sport, a training partner or a custom ... To each his sport online!

Fysiki, training tailored

Whatever sport (bodybuilding, fitness, cardio, jogging), the site offers Fysiki to record personal components (morphology, physical characteristics, current level of sport, discipline chosen, motivations ...) so that each member can create programs tailored goals easily manage and adjust, if necessary, to the rhythm of his progressions. The credo own pace, each his sporting career. The site was recognized in particular by the Ministry of Research (2010 and 2011 winner of the national contest for the creation of technology companies). The icing on the cake? The site is free, and an email arrives in your inbox regularly to motivate you and give you advice.

Widiwici, the social network for sports

This community site is a little "Facebook" of athletes. Widiwici is a site that people want to move, to practice all kinds of activities, open to all who want to explore and to discover a sport, a community event, a spot, etc ... Want to share your passion for the "paddle" or synchronized swimming? Or otherwise seek new sports near you. Simply create a profile and be guided. A comprehensive calendar also offers per day and city, all sporting events in your area.

Cleec to find a playing partner

Tennis enthusiast, you have not touched your racquet from your partner girlfriend got tendinitis, a few months ago ... On the Cleec site, you simply enter the name of your sport and your city ​​to find a new partner in. The platform also offers comprehensive forums for each activity, to ask all your questions and discuss with other fans. This is your racquet that will be!

Swimmers, the Bible pools

The pool in my neighborhood it is open in the evening? This one is clean? How many swimmers there he usually in the line of fast swimming between noon and two? You will find all the practical information on the site Swimmers, updated daily by the users themselves. You will also find a directory of clubs swimming, water aerobics schedules in pools near you and a forum and classifieds platform.

Nike + Running, the application of joggers

This application for Iphone famous sportswear brand is already well known joggers equipped by Apple. She is recently available on Android. Nike + Running measure your distance traveled using GPS, your pace, your time and calories you burn. You can then sync your runs on to track your learning curve. And to motivate you, the application will awarded trophies and awards that you can share on Facebook!

Swedish gym on site fitness freaks

What can both build muscle, to vent, and laugh a great shot? Swedish gym, of course! The association is now present in all the major cities of France, and the experience is worth a detour. Our reporter had also tested for you. The website of the association gives all the information to find a course near you, presenting profiles monitor, manage package, etc.. A must try!

Jiwok, a sports coach mp3

Tempted (s) the services of a coach but your wallet is frown? The Jiwok site offers coaching sessions to download directly to your mp3. Running, cycling, walking on carpets, swimming, elliptical ... The range of activities covered by Jiwok is wide. Once selected, you discipline select the program that best fits your needs and your level. Some examples? "Running a half marathon," "Staying fit bike", "Begin running", "Progress in swimming," "Maintain physical condition during pregnancy" ... Each program lasts eight to twelve weeks, with one to three sessions weekly.

Cyclemeter, GPS counter cycling

Developed for this application allows Apple fans to view a bike path, calculate a route to time, or to record performance. Cyclemeter also allows you to share her training google maps on Facebook, Twitter or email, and even during training, listen to the advice of your loved ones with a speech!

Yoga app to practice everyday

Followers know, practice yoga once a week during the course can be frustrating. Apple with this application, you can practice every day. Yoga is a collection of 22 postures, you can expand if you want, by taking pictures of your teacher and adding new positions. The eagle, the tree, the camel and the cobra will have no secrets for you!


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