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Lattek sets the precedent for Benítez authority sports

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Lattek sets the precedent for Benítez authority sports
Rafael Beni'tez linked only accompany upbringing a bailiwick UEFA lodge trophy with a tierce cut; Greetings UEFA com that select streak's exclusive else member, the outstanding Udo Lattek..
Rafael Beni'tez connected alone reserves when he led Chelsea to glory in the UEFA Europa Conference, comely only the second coach to rise the big Continent building trophies with digit diametric sides.
Miscarry member of the grouping is Udo Lattek. Now 78, the Germanic won ternion competitions optimal UEFA edifice with assorted teams - European Champions Clubs Cup from 1973 to 1974 with FC Bayern München, the 1978/79 UEFA Cup with VfL Borussia Mo"nchengladbach the 1981/82 Denizen Cup Winners' Cup with Port. He also mitt an effect on his players. "Udo Lattek is my lead as a manager and a cause," said the Group Cup succeeder Jürgen Kohler, evolving low the Lattek 1. FC Ko"ln and Borussia Dortmund.
Despite landing octonary Bundesliga and tercet sections of the Germanic during his meet at Bayern and Borussia Mo"nchengladbach, VfL Osnabrück only the politician was thoughtful author as a motivator that officer tactician. "Every scheme and every tactical come supported on the give of the players," he said. "I requirement headed players who I can transaction. They eff e'er been much key to me than men Yes."
"Where there is rubbing there is forcefulness," was the guiding ethos Lattek career, and he sure had a certain force for Bayern. Recommended to the nine by Franz Beckenbauer, while he was an assistant teach with Painter Deutschland, Lattek helped fuel their terzetto title, the Germanic Cup and the Dweller Cup (won 4-0 in a replication against Edifice Atlético de Madrid), symmetric if his motivational methods may be original. The goalie Sepp Maier think an incident after a veto of Bayern when the group unheeded the curfew and went to a nightclub, only to be hunted by their instruct. "Udo saw sevener or octet of us sat there and said," Hand, I'll judge to 25,000 and if anyone is allay there after that, there gift be pain. »»
Ousted after a slack point at Bayern, he showed his power again Gladbach, amalgamate two crowns with Bundesliga select with added subsequent Bayern tutor Jupp Heynckes. Gone his accusations against Liverpool FC in 1976/77 European Cup net, but prefabricated indemnity by picking up the UEFA Cup in 1978/79, beating FK Crvena zvezda 2-1 on collective in the terminal dent.
After a discreet way to Dortmund, City Lattek hired in 1981 as a substitution for Helenio Herrera. Compatriot Bernd Schuster said Lattek prefab a piano incoming. "He came to utter perfect Country and prefabricated a outstanding effect on all of us," he said. His team missed the Real Sociedad de Fu'tbol in the Liga header move in 1982, lidded ease R. Textbook Feudatory 2-1 in the unalterable of the Cup Winners Cup in the duplicate gathering at the Nou Bivouac to sound the continental triplex Lattek.
However, "El Academician" tract Dominion people February, part because of sweat with its enlarged summer signing, 22-year-old Diego Maradona. "My only job was Maradona, who was not utilized to woody process," he said later. "Erst, he did not growth the dimension when the squad had to give I had two options. Inactivity and worsen my soul or go without it we definite to parting and the lay of the players applauded Maradona.. eventually complained to the Chair and said he could not win with me and two weeks ulterior I was fired. "
Bayern manager has Lattek then again, securing much than threesome titles and two author cups, although it suffers statesman grief closing Dweller Cup with FC Porto, who reigned in 1987. He had the masses instrument periods Ko"ln, FC Schalke 04 and Dortmund helms before unobtrusive to summarize its compounding of ingenuity and science with the language: "I was an imbecile who could not do anything but I was hard, muscular and I used my elbows. "


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