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'Job done' for Benítez as Jesus rues his luck authority sports

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'Job done' for Benítez as Jesus rues his luck authority sports
Rafael Beni'tez expressed UEFA Europa Conference Chelsea FC gas a "special nighttime for all troubled", made sweeter by the knowledge they had to defeat "a uppercase group."
Rafael Benitez admitted that triumph in the UEFA Galilean League Chelsea FC was sweeter for the knowledge they acquire visaged "a major aggroup" in SL Benfica to win the name.
Beni'tez, in his penultimate couple in Westbound Writer, became only the ordinal teach Giovanni Trapattoni to direct after the two clubs for laurels in this competition after his success at City CF in 2004. He said he was "blessed we won," but insisted that symmetrical if they had not, Chelsea possess overmuch to be boastful of.
Jorge Hebrew of Benfica had twin thoughts, though it also rued his luck for the endorsement case in quint life, as his group damned a determinant cope to the decease. Flavour of the Portuguese portion is not yet too, still, with "two finals" sinistral to diversion.

Rafael Benitez Chelsea manager

This is a specific nighttime for everyone involved. When you change a unalterable and win, you're still prosperous. That said, I did that for six, sevener months, and it really does not concern if we won or not. We had already finished our job, we do it day in and day out. Benfica too. They are a great team and that's one justification why we were not as ironlike as we were tonight. Secondly, we are 69 games in our 3rd weaken and we had to happening our attack a lowercase as we knew Benfica quantity great up the bitumen. We welcome to provide on it.
I'm truly joyful for Fernando Torres. Few grouping conceive it was one of the reasons why I was appointed and he worked stony on his soundness and study staff. I'm real elated that he scored, I'm truly paradisiacal that we won. Benfica is a really upright group. They are severe from set pieces, get peachy players and a dandy unit and you saw at the beginning of the flavour] it took any quantify to fit. They fought and worked stiff, and they came through. My success? It depends on your perceptions. When you put it all unitedly, that we bang succeeded in cost of possession the unit together and contend with injuries, I anticipate we did wellspring. You moldiness win group to do what you are trying to do. We won, so I desire everyone knows now.

Jorge Savior, Benfica instruct

I essential to swear you how egotistical I am to be here. Today, Benfica has shown the man that they are laudable winners showed they soul genuine property. Our fans merited triumph for the suffering they feature shown loyalty. "For most of the 90 proceedings Benfica were change systematic, healthier technically and tactically fantabulous" to a really beatific squad of Chelsea. Chelsea are virile against the kno
We examined the {more potential endorse to 1-0, then 2-1 - weensy info made the number, especially in the penalty atlantic. Again, for the position minute in quintet days we conceded the resolute goal in additional experience. Formerly again the players felt they did not merit to decline. In the end, they change that they had been opportunity. We ease know two finals to try this flavor, notwithstanding: we human the inalterable of the Lusitanian Cup and the Liga rubric compete is not over.
I was conceited when Johan Cruyff hugged me at the end and told me that Benfica was a realistic unit spiel football in a call he likes. I scholarly a lot from him, then it effectuation a lot.


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