Friday, June 7, 2013

Jump to be healthy authority sports

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Jump to be healthy authority sports
On the floor or on a mini trampoline, reconnect with that childlike joy is beneficial for the joy of living as well as for vitality.
There is no rush to the sky and fall heavily to the ground, but to jump softly. Shoulders relaxed, feet apart to the width, back straight, jump flexibility on the forefoot. Start with three minutes daily. After a few days, gradually increasing: five minutes, then ten, and fifteen if you can. Do not try to lift you high. To get smooth, do the contrary of small jumps. Wear running shoes, tennis or simply stay barefoot. Prefer the softer surfaces, grass outside, parquet or carpet if you are at home. There are also minitrampolines (available especially in Decathlon), easy to store under a bed, the use of which makes it even more fun with a reception while flexibility.
If your back is sensitive, or if you are overweight and fear for your knees, you can exercise without taking off the tips of the feet. Lift only heels pace as to shake the body. This alternation of stretching and impacts produced pressure on the ligaments and bones that strengthen the entire skeleton, unlike sports "worn" like swimming, and prevent osteoporosis. Moreover, jumps stimulate all muscles work in harmony accentuate blood circulation and lymph, causing eliminates the toxins.
Finally, jump revives a sense of euphoria, the memory of the child who enjoy running and to spend. "The short and very intense exercise such as running or jumping allow the release of dopamine, hormone action and fun, which gives energy to act," says Martine Duclos, chief of sports medicine University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand.


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