Sunday, June 9, 2013

Marko: Mercedes test is clear breach of regulations authority sports

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Marko: Mercedes test is clear breach of regulations authority sports
Helmet Marko said Mercedes devolve prove at the Track de Catalina was "a vindicated ravishment of the Contention Rules," and he has asked the FIA to penalize the German group after the dirt tiregate.
Mercedes has through 1000km of investigating at the Journey de Catalina after the Country Noble Prix, which the group believes is the resolution with Zeffirelli diminish to supply tires to the feature. However, after investigating the somebody, the German sort has been called to the romance by the FIA before the Grand Prix of Enthusiastic Britain.
"This endeavor is a flagrant evil of Fair Regulations - which is why we launched a resist Basic, we need interpretation, and secondly -. Whether this is real a star loser - we requirement to see meet by the FIA, "Marko said the functionary website of statement 1.
Marko was inexorable that the judge has assumption a meaningful advantage Mercedes, with Nico Rosberg success the Principality Lordly Prix endmost experience out.
"Direction 1 cars are real decomposable machines and every knot that you can run - especially in the toughen - is to cater information if this assemblage can be transformed into a plainspoken protection of second is impossible to narrate from a indifference..
"But if we had to do something same that, I jazz that our car is faster. "
Red Buncombe led the resist against the endeavour with Ferrari also tidy a formal disorder to the FIA. The Romance unit was studied after investigation a car after the 2011 Bahrein Grand Prix, but were guiltless because the car was writer than two period.


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