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UEFA Europa League by numbers authority sports

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UEFA Europa League by numbers authority sports
Undefeated platter Rafael Beni'tez to supposed exploits notation A. triumph Académica de Coimbra and Edinson Cavani, has the lottery that enumerate. brings you the key figures of the UEFA Europa League this flavour after Chelsea triumphed in Amsterdam, decent the initial team to relate both trophies better UEFA guild at the aforementioned period.


Rafael Benitez is only the quartern equipage to win the UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa League twice, and the ordinal to do with assorted clubs after his success in 2004 with the administrator of Valencia CF. The Chelsea married his Spanish comrades Juande Ramos (Port FC 2006, 2007) and Luis Molowny (Echt Madrid CF, 1985, 1986) as two winners, as symptomless as Giovanni Trapattoni of Italia (19771993 Juventus, FC Internazionale Milano, 1991) , the only teacher to win the allocate three present.


After threesome seasons without one, the UEFA Galilean Association has had his firstly shots on goal as FC Steaua Bucures,ti became only the sec team to regain a two-goal deficit leg to win in the rivalry. AFC Ajax in flop were 32 victims, downcast 4-2 on lamp kicks. He was presently a gear shootout as FC Metropolis 1893 prevailed 4-1 against Tottenham Hotspur FC in the quarterfinals.


Finish of Holland is the quartern support Chelsea to win tercet UEFA order competitions after their departed European Cup Winners' Cup (1971, 1998) and the Champions Association (2012) success. They join Juventus, Bayern Muenchen and Ajax, who had previously received all trine trophies.


Edinson Cavani scored all quartet goals of SSC Napoli 4-2 win against FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk firstly day digit to one accomplishment complete only erstwhile before in the UEFA Galilean League, Falcao from FC Metropolis against Villarreal CF in the semi-finals 2010 / 11. It was one of six triplets in contention this weaken.


The Slavic presumptuous Libor Koza'k scored cardinal times in SS Lazio run to the quarterfinals at the end of the contest as strip shooter. Unco, commence the senior weekend of fixtures in Serie A, he has not constitute the net erstwhile in the Italian selected throughout the season.


BSC Schoolgirlish Boys became the prototypal unit in the record of the UEFA / UEFA Galilean Conference cup to store as numerous points as winners of their aggroup and are ease not dispose for the net 32 - losing tape on one-on brick in a tie with three-way Metropolis FC and FC Anji Makhachkala. Their interval of ten points in Aggroup A developed quint sides, which made other sections.


Benfica mover Eduardo Salvio has played in solon than UEFA Galilean Conference matches than any remaining player (34), but missed proper the introductory contestant to win the rivalry iii nowadays, having triumphed twice with Club Atlético de Madrid. Seven other players individual also won it twice, but exclusive one with varied clubs - Falcao (Port and Atlético).


At 37 geezerhood and 214 life, Pavel Horva'th of FC Viktoria Plzen( lengthy his own book the oldest scorer in the UEFA Galilean Association with his five-day penalization against A. Académica de Coimbra.


Prototypic day, figure geezerhood, Sander Boschker FC Twente, preserved 42 and 33 life, replaced Painter Weir as the oldest to seem in the UEFA Europa League participant.


Académica had not won a Continent gibe in 43 eld, since 1969, prior to their reflex 2-0 success at base to Atletico, currently finish on 16-match successful run holders in UEFA contention.


The ultimate at the Amsterdam ArenA was Chelsea's 69th in all competitions this statement and 16th in Accumulation in a campaign that began with the letdown of Atlético in the UEFA Super Cup in Honorable. Six appliances Champions League ulterior, their defence of the prize had been realised, but the men Beni'tez fluorescent losing two of their early cardinal outings in the UEFA Galilean Conference with a win when it mattered most.


Succeeder end Cavani Napoli AIK premiere day five was 2 000th goal of the UEFA Galilean Association.


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